Technical Specifications

Chassis and Body: Manufactured from the lightest and most modern materials applied in the aerospace and automobile industries, carbon fiber composites combined with tubular steel. The bodywork is produced from the optimum combination of carbon, Kevlar and glass fiber materials.
Engine: Mercedes 600 V12
Position: Mid-engine
System: V-12 engine, 48 valve, double turbo
Cylinder capacity: 5987 ccm
Bore x stroke: 98,0 x 80,2
Compression ratio: 8,5 : 1
Valve 4 per cylinder
Turbo charging: 2 special KKK Turbo Charger K27
Interooling: twin air - air intercooler
Lubrication: drysumplubrication
Cooling: water
Performance / horse power (variable):
0.85 bar boost: 1.000 h.p. at 6.300 r.p.m.
1.20 bar boost 1.200 h.p. at 6.300 r.p.m.
Performance / KW (variable):
0.85 bar boost: 735 Kw at 6.300 r.p.m.
1.20 bar boost: 882 Kw at 6.300 r.p.m.
Max. Torque:
0.85 bar boost: 811 lbf ft at 3400 r.p.m.
1.20 bar boost: 974 lbf ft at 3400 r.p.m.
Acceleration (km/h): 0 - 100 at 3.8 sec.
0 - 200 at 7.8 sec.
Top speed: V - Max up to 400 km/h (optional transmission)
Tachometer: up 400 km/h
Break system front: Brembo ventilated racing disk brakes with ABS
Break system rear: Brembo ventilated racing disk brakes with ABS
Gearbox and power transmission: 6 speed manual gearbox from CIMA,
synchronized limited slip differential,
transmission oil cooler
Motor-Management: LENZ Turbo-Tronic,
Suspension: Independent front and rear suspension with unequal length upper and lower A-arms, coil springs, tube shocks, anti-roll, bars and power steering. Racing power brake system including ABS
Tires and Rims: 3-piece Works-Rim with
9,5 x 19"  255/40 ZR 19" front
13  x 19"  345/30 ZR 19" rear
Exterior and Interior: Free choice of colours and interior finishing, Instrument panel with circular type instruments, rev. Counter, speedometer up to 400 km/h., middle console with display for several indication functions, air conditioning, velour carpeting, sport seats and three point safety belts. Tinted glass fitted as standard. Full leather upholstery optional.
Dimensions and Weight: length:
ground clearance:
curb weight:
Design: Kurt Lotterschmid
Delivery time: on request
Preis: on request
Miscellaneous: subject to alterations


Kurt Lotterschmid

Founder, Head of Automotive Development and R&D

Kurt LotterschmidKurt Lotterschmid is a well known figure in the world of motorsports. Since 1966, he has held 2 world championships, and many top ten positions in Group C FIA sanctioned racing. Kurt founded LOTEC GMBH in 1962 and has established the company as one of the leading automotive tuners in Europe and the Middle East. With the knowledge gained from race experience, Kurt created several automobiles for the world's affluent. Several of his cars holds speed records, and to this day have not been broken. Kurt founded Lotterschmid Performance LLC to offer his automotive creations & services at a global scale.

Marc Comvalius

President & CEO

Marc ComvaliusMarc Comvalius has over 15 years of finance & investment banking with NYSE & NASDAQ firms throughout the world. Holds a BSc with Pace University in Global Finance & Markets. Has worked with Van Ernst Jakobs Securities, Smith Barney, in the area of retail sales & Portfolio management. Since childhood, Marc has maintained an affinity for automobiles and motorsports, participating in drag racing and SCCA competition in Long Island, New York. Marc brings a wealth of motor experience to head Lotterschmid Performance.

Jeff Benglian

Vice President & Manager of Engineering and Design

Jeff BenglianJeff Benglian has a background consisting of experience in Electrical and computer engineering, mechanical theory and design, sales and marketing with Robotics (ABB), Laser technology, motion systems (Rofin-Sinar Laser) & Computer micro-processors, transistors, UV lithography systems (ASML-Netherlands) and multi-axis movement laser processing machines (BLM Group USA) over a span of 9 years. He has also been involved with the production and management of computer graphic design and conceptual artwork for various establishments in Michigan, USA. The combination of technical and concept experience makes him a strong asset in an industry which both skills are utilized.

Errol Coutinho

Manager of Operations

Errol CoutinhoWith a combined background in finance & logistics, his career launch started with Extra Clearing, a subsidiary of ING Bank of the Netherlands in financial advisory, in wholesale banking of obligations & options. With a sustained interest in logistics, Errol shifted his career focus to work with Intralox B.V. as the head of shipping & operations. Errol has also obtained certification in Six Sigma.

Leyla Nassabeh

Head of Project Management

Leyla NassabehLeyla Nassabeh currently holds an MSc in Project Management. Her background consists of experience in marketing & engineering with 3i-Infotech(Hyundai), Madar Steel Industries, AIRams Sony. Also has gained experience in project management & diplomacy working for British Embassy in Moscow. Has obtained a BSc in engineering from Tehran University.


For more than 40 years, we are dealing with the development, optimization and conversion of automobiles.
Here we focus on perfect technique and performance, and the best advice and friendly (company) integrated care of our customers.

1962 Founded by Kurt Lotterschmid Founded by master craftsman
1965 Number of Employees: 3
1969 Racing car, won 6 races Formula V racing
1971 Construction of a two-seater racing car
1975 Beginning of body modifications for Porsche vehicles (GRP model and mold)
  Number of Employees: 8
1979 Overall winner of the Inter-Series with our own design
1980 Overall winner of the Inter-Series with our own design
1983 Winning the German racing championship with C2 own construction
  Founding of LOTEC GmbH
  Bodywork conversions for Mercedes vehicles (GRP model and mold), Einzelanfertigungenrtigungen
1984 Patent-protected manufacturing process for Mercedes SEC hoods
  Complete LOTEC - Racing cars to order
  LOTEC Group C sports car wins the Japanese sports car championship
  Number of Employees: 12
1985 Development of turbo engines for Mercedes vehicles with turbo engines for TÜV
1988 Distribution of LOTEC group into two independent companies
  Number of Employees: 16
1990 Development of road sports car C1000
  Development of turbo engines for Ferrari vehicles
1991 Development and manufacturing Ambassadeur luxury limousine
  Development of an own vehicle based on Ferrari in cooperation
  with the designer Luigi Colani: Testa D'Oro
  World record for KAT-vehicles on the Salt Lake in Utah (USA) 342 km/h
1992 Planning and first drafts of the prototype "Sirius"
1999 Production of the prototype "Sirius"
2000 Completion LOTEC "Sirius"